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Hire all Types Lock Installation Service in NYC

Locksmith services may become a necessity at some point in life. As a home or business owner, you may be aware of key copying and lock installation. These are among the most widespread locksmith services you can come across.

The task of key copying and lock installation becomes easy with specialized tools. Of course, a professional locksmith has it all. As a result, they can make everything simple and hassle-free. So, it is a boon to get the assistance of a professional to install an all-new locking system. Check out some of the most common locksmith services.

What Is A Locksmith Service? What Are Various Types Of Locksmith Services?

A locksmith service is everything that deals with selling, restoring, repining, and rekeying a mechanical or electronic locking system.

Locksmiths are trained professionals who perform dozens of tasks like breaking a lock, replacing locks, and duplicating keys. While carrying out these tasks, they ensure their customers’ property remains undamaged. You can call a professional locksmith in situations like forgotten combinations, broken keys, installation of a key or lock, etc.

Here are some common locksmith services that you may require out of the blue:

Residential Locksmith Service

Residential locksmith services lock and key help for homeowners. There can be several reasons to call for a residential locksmith service.

Do you need professional assistance to install or repair a key set? A residential locksmith is the right person to reach out to. They have unmatched experience and tools to handle your locking system. Always go for a licensed and insured service whenever you hire such a service.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Whether inside a car, home, or office, the lockout is the worst scenario that one can experience. If you experience the same, contact an emergency locksmith service immediately. These are available 24/7 to help you with an urgency, whether early morning or late night.

Mobile Locksmith Service

A mobile locksmith service provides the customers with on-the-spot assistance. Mobile locksmiths are very different from the regular technicians. They visit the customer directly with a special van equipped with cutting-edge tools to fix any problem correctly. You can rely on these services during an emergency as they are available 24/7.

Automotive Locksmith Service

Being a driver of any vehicle, you may face lock-related issues at some point. Whether you drive a car, bike, or truck, getting help from an automotive locksmith service is good. They can offer you the best solutions for lock repair and replacement. The other benefits of hiring them are on-site services and a new set of keys.

Those were some of the locksmith services that are widely popular among people. Let us now delve into the types of locks.

Different Types Of Locks

You may come across a horde of options while choosing a lock for your home or business security needs. It may be a little complicated to select or buy the right one. Below, we have explained a few common types of locks that may suit your property:




Deadbolts are often used for external doors and are available in 3 varieties. These include single, double, and lockable thumbturn. Single-cylinder deadbolts use a key cylinder on the outer side and a thumb-turn on the inside. Double-cylinder deadbolts use a key cylinder on the outside and inside of the door.

A lockable thumbturn is a hybrid type of deadbolt. It comes with a thumbturn on the outside, functioning like a typical single-cylinder deadbolt. But, the thumb turn can be locked with a key in this type of deadbolt. Thus, it can’t open or close the door.



Padlocks come in numerous sizes and are portable. These are among the most familiar types of lock and are available in two varieties, including keyed and combination. Keyed padlocks come with numerous options, like rekeyable and non-rekeyable padlocks. Combination locks work when you enter the right combination. They come with one or more dials that allow the lock to unlock.

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Furniture Locks


As the name implies, furniture locks are the ones we use on furniture. These locks are generally found in our cabinets, drawers, etc. Are you looking to keep your valuables or other sensitive documents? You must use these locks in conjunction with other locking systems on the doors or windows of your furniture. This is because these locks vary in durability and quality, and you cannot entirely rely on them.

New Lock Technology


Technology is on elevation nowadays, and you can find it almost everywhere, even in the locking system. With the latest technology, you can now offer optimal security to your home and business. Electric and smart locks are a few examples of the new lock technology. An electric door lock is comparable to your car’s locking system. An actuator is on the inside of the locking mechanism. It connects the cylinder of the doorknob to a small motor within the door or frame.

Smart locks, on the other hand, are connected to the Wi-Fi network of the house. Simply log into your system and press a button or issue a command to open or close your doors.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Professional For Lock Installation?

Some may find lock installation to be a simple task. It can be somewhat true, but it generally demands great expertise and the right tools. So, here, the role of a professional becomes integral. As you hire an all-type lock installation service, you ensure the complete safety of your premises.

The task of lock installation may also result in a mishap if performed by an inexperienced. So, again, to avoid such situations, you don’t need to go elsewhere than the best professional.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Types Lock Installation Service

Assigning the installation task to a locksmith is something you cannot do blindly. Here is what you have to consider when seeking a lock installation service in NYC:


Ask your family members, friends, or colleagues whether they have used a lock installation service. This is an excellent way to find a trustworthy and quality service. If you find one, do not forget to check the online reviews from prior clients. By doing this, you will get to know the service quality and reputation.


When searching for a reputable locksmith service for installing any type of lock, do check for license and certification. This way, you can ensure that the hiring professionals are well-trained and experienced. Besides top-notch quality work, a certified locksmith will also guarantee 100% safety.


When choosing a service like this, it is essential to ask for a full-service quotation. You will get an idea about what services you will get and how much you will pay. Also, with a detailed quote, you can check whether the service is within your set budget or not.


A professional locksmith service handles an array of tasks, from key copying to lock installation. While hiring a locksmith for lock installation, consider factors like certification, expertise, referrals, and many more. Do not compromise on anything when looking for a similar service, as it is a security matter.

Safety Hardware Store is one of the leading names in NYC for locksmith services. Homeowners often count upon us due to our extensive experience and the transparency we offer. Our locksmith services are available 24 x 7, and that too at pocket-friendly prices. Are you looking for locksmith services of the highest quality that hundreds trust? Safety Hardware is the one-stop destination. Call now at 212-860-2219.

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