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Sometimes, your sink gets blocked, or your plumbing fixture leaks, which can be troubling. But there are tons of plumbing supplies that can help you escape such an awful situation. Plumbing supplies are vital everywhere, whether it is a home or a business area.

Professional plumbers have plenty of special plumbing equipment in their kit. Still, homeowners should keep some essential plumbing supplies with them to deal with frequent plumbing issues independently. There are some basic plumbing supplies that are indispensable for every homeowner. These supplies will allow you to deal with frequent plumbing problems and avoid the involvement of a plumber for common plumbing supply store NYC

Major Plumbing Supplies

There are plenty of plumbing supplies in the market and online stores that you can consider buying and adding to your supplies kit. Let’s read about ten primary plumbing supplies that are very basic and should be in your home and office stock.

Boiler Drain

The boiler drain is a brass-made valve that helps drain water from a boiler and release the accumulated sediments. In addition, you can use this as a basic purpose hose-ended valve for washing machine hookup internally and external water service. Furthermore, it is easy to install using a 1/2″ iron pipe connection, and a 3/4″ MHT outlet fits hoses.

Boiler Drain

Brass Pipe Cap

The brass pipe cap is a one-piece construction used with steel or brass pipe. And its use is common in low to medium-pressure applications and has fair vibration resistance. Furthermore, these pipe threads must be tightened 2 ½ by turning past finger tight.

1/2″ Brass Pipe Cap

Pipe Nipple

Our pipe nipple has a black finish and durable steel nipple with ASTM/ASME standards. And it attaches two pipes together or extends its length. Furthermore, installing this plumbing tool using male NPT threaded on both sides is straightforward. In addition, the pipe nipple is useful for multiple DIY projects, such as building industrial furniture, tables, and shelves.

3/4″ x 2″ Black Pipe Nipple

Sink Strainer

The sink strainer is a stainless steel construction leakproof seal with a satin nickel finish that allows water to flow freely and stop debris from blocking the drain. This corrosion-resistant sink strainer resists cracking, peeling, and chipping.

4.5 in. Sink STRAINER in Satin Nickel

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Anderson Metals Compression Coupling

The Anderson metals compression coupling is made from brass and bar stock extruded rod. You can use it with brass, copper, plastic, or aluminum tubing. Also, it is easy to detach without using any flaring tool. It primarily uses oil, gasoline, water, and vacuum lines.

Anderson Metals

Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet has durable brass that you can use in every home or business space. Furthermore, its chrome coating adds improved scratches and corrosion resistance giving it a shiny appearance under the light. The 8″ center kitchen faucet characterizes a double-handled pattern that allows you to adjust the cold and hot water separately for accurate control of the temperature and flow of tap water.


Copper Strap

The copper strap is a copper-coated 24 gauge strap with penetrated holes to protect any size pipe. In addition, it is corrosion-resistant and used for outdoor and indoor applications. The product dimension is 6.00 x 2.00 x 3.00 inches, with a weight of 0.56 Ounces.

B & K C20-124HC Copper Strap 3/4″x10′

Automatic Radiator Air Vent

The automatic radiator air vent is a stainless steel check valve for automatic and manual operation. Also, it has hot water and low-pressure systems with a shut ball and heat-resistant handle wheel.

Automatic Radiator Air Vent

Liquid Drain Opener

The liquid drain opener helps you quickly clear clogged drains and pipes. In addition, you can use this liquid drain opener in septic tanks, disposals, and even plastic pipes. Furthermore, it works really quickly to cut through hair and grease.

Ounce Liquid Drain Opener

Under Sink Water Filtration System

The under-sink water filtration system allows two-stage water filtration to ensure water quality. Therefore, it comes with a chrome faucet, including an indicator light. Also, a built-in LED indicator light tells us when to change the filters.

Culligan Stage 2 Under Sink Water Filtration System

Where Should I Look For Plumbing Supplies?

Plumbing supplies are used to build and maintain every plumbing system. Also, they are one of the most necessary supplies every homeowner should have.

Safety Hardware Store is a leading company that provides branded plumbing supplies at very reasonable prices. Our plumbing parts include piping, valves, and related materials. If you require any plumbing supplies, browse our supplies list and notify us about your requirement. For more info, you can contact us at 212-860-2219 or write to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Hardware Store is a one-stop solution if you are searching for the best place to get all essential plumbing tools and supplies for home repair and remodeling projects. Here you will get all the excellent quality plumbing supplies at affordable prices.

The tips that one needs to think about before purchasing plumbing fixtures are:

  • Know what materials are available
  • Lay a budget
  • Select a style
  • Never compromise functionality
  • Take the help of Professional Installers

One should consider some basic plumbing supplies when putting the plumbing kit together. It includes a plunger, pipe wrench, auger, basin wrench, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, pipe cutter, hacksaw, screwdriver, tongue and groove pliers, and flashlight.

Plumbers install and restore fixtures and pipes that carry gas, water, or other fluids in residential and commercial areas. They also maintain plumbing units like toilets, bathtubs, and appliances like heating systems or dishwashers.

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