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Best Black Decker Jig Saws And Their Uses

Jig Saw is all you need if you are looking for a tool to cut metals or wood while performing any DIY or building project. It is a powerful cutting tool that allows you to form straight and curved cuts through the material. And it is used in plenty of household and commercial applications. 

Black Decker has produced varieties of Jig Saws and related blades, making it complicated for buyers to choose the right one for their needs. Every Jig Saw comes with different properties and prices. So. it’s important to go with the Jig Saw that fulfills all your purposes and is economical for you. Let’s review the best Black Decker Jig Saws with their properties and uses to understand them better.


Best Black And Decker Jig Saws 

The Black Decker Jig Saws comes in plenty of models suitable for various purposes. Choosing the appropriate Jig Saw for your requirement is quite a task, which is why here we have suggested to you one of the best Jigsaws that will fulfill your requirement at a reasonable price. 

BDCJS20C 20V Max Cordless Jig Saw Black And Decker 

The Black Decker BDCJS20C 20V Max Cordless Jig Saw has a variable speed of 2500 RPM. It delivers compact portability and cutting versatility. This Jig Saw is suitable for applications needing the convenience of a cordless tool. 

This Jig Saw features a tool-free changing of the blade, making it simple to change the blade quickly and to continue with the project. Its featured dust blower helps you form a proper detail cut. Also, this tool is ideal for accurate cuts in wood and other materials.


Black Decker Bdejs300c 4.5 Amp Jig Saw

Black Decker Bdejs300c Jig Saw comes in orange and has a 4.5 Amps motor to deliver power to achieve complex tasks. This Jig Saw accepts T-shank blades, and it runs at 3000 SPM. Also, it is featured with a dust blower and a tough plastic case. The voltage rating of this Jig Saw is 120 volts, and its wire guard sightline channel delivers clear visibility to help form accurate cuts.

It’s featured a compact handle to do easy maneuvering and decreased vibration. This Black Decker Jig Saw also comes with a quick clamp to facilitate tool-free blade replacement. Also, it is a CSA and UL-listed certified Jig Saw with variable shoes to stabilize the cutting procedure.


Black & Decker 4.5Amp Jig Saw 

This Black & Decker Jig Saw is a fantastic cutter utilized in commercial setups and purposes. It comes with 4.5Amp of the motor with a varying speed of 3000 SPM for accuracy. 

This Jig Saw features a wire-protecting sightline medium and mobile shoe to improve and stabilize the cut-line visibility. Its fantastic cutter has a sloping base panel to form grazed cuts of about 45 degrees. Moreover, it also features a dust Blower to keep the saw dirt out of the work area. 


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How To Make Best Uses Of Jig Saw?

The Jig Saw is a powerful device for cutting metal, wood, and plastic. But most of you don’t know this device can do more than just cutting straight or curved cuts. Let’s review the factors to consider and the uses of this device to determine its importance in your toolbox for every DIY project.

Picking Right Cutting Blade For Wood

Choosing the wrong Cutting blade is a big mistake when cutting wood. And Novice DIYers can make this mistake because of a lack of knowledge and experience. But it’s important to know that a wood-cutting blade should be chosen wisely based on your requirements. The cutting blades come in various lengths, widths, and tooth configurations. It allows you to pick blades according to your project need.

For instance, the broader blades of Jig Saw are used for forming long straight cuts, while narrow blades are for forming curvy cuts. Secondly, wider and fewer teeth-cutting blades use to cut metal in speed but produce a splintered, rough surface. On the other hand, Cutting blades with smaller teeth cut metal at a slow speed but leave a smoother surface. Thus, it is important to check out the label to see what kind of material the Jig Saw is designed to cut. 

Picking Right Cutting Blade For Metal

It is easy to pick cutting blades when you are working with metals. The reason behind this is that the metal-cutting blades are very few, which doesn’t complicate the choice for the user. The Jig Saw blades used for metal cutting are tough, have sharper teeth, and can cut mild metals. It includes cutting wood with nails, sheet metal, hinges, bolts, and copper and galvanized pipes.

The cutting blade used for metal depends on the thickness of the metal. Pick the Jig Saw blade with more teeth comprising about 21 to 24 TPI (teeth per inch).

Straight Cutting

Doing a straight cut with Jig Saw is tough as it tends to move here and there while operating. The trick of doing it is to move the saw across a bolt-down straightedge guide. The guide could be a straight wood board, long level, steel square, and plywood rip. 

Sometimes, a single straightedge guide doesn’t keep the saw in the right place, which requires parallel alignment of a second straightedge guide. But both boards should be divided by the saw base plate’s width before steering the saw between guides.

Flush-Cuts Blade

When the Jig Saw engages with a regular saw blade, it cannot cut force to a perpendicular surface because its base plate expands over the blade. But if you use a flush-cut blade instead, the saw will be able to cut right up to a backsplash, wall, Cabinet sides, and another upright surface.

The Flush-Cuts Blade is also known as an offset blade. And it is easily available in hardware stores for around $5 to $10 per blade. 

Carving Circles

The Jig Saw can carve the desired circle of nearly any size. But you must need a circle-cutting jig to cut the circle fine and accurately. The Jig comprises lengthy flat arms called beam that connects with the saw and an alterable pivot point to illustrate the middle of the circle. 

The Jig for circle-cutting will cost you about $8, and you can also make it by yourself using a wide 6-inch-piece of 1/2-inch-broad plywood.

Shred-free Cuts

The teeth of typical Jig Saw blades point upward and carve on the upstroke, leaving the top surface of the material splintering you are cutting. These splinters might not be a problem when dealing with an old subfloor because you can simply turn over the workpiece, but this doesn’t apply every time.

For instance, you can’t turn over the existing plastic-covered countertop to form a basin cutout. In this case, you can avoid shredding on surfaces by operating a downward-facing (reverse-tooth) blade to leave clean and smooth cuts on surfaces. Use this blade to carve cabinets, doors, counters, and other surfaces. This blade can nearly cost you about $6.


The Black Decker Jig Saws are a powerful tool that is basic in handyman tool kits and also for homeowners for DIY projects. This device helps you carve every material, including wood and metals, in the desired shape for residential and industrial use.

If you consider adding any of the mentioned Black Decker Jig Saws to your toolbox, Safety Hardware is a place to get it at a reasonable price. We offer a vast collection of Jig Saws to help you choose the right one based on your need. Visit our site to order Black Decker Jig Saw, and for related queries, contact us at

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