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Every building in this world serves a purpose. Houses serve the purpose of shelter, offices serve the purpose of providing a workplace, and there are different types of buildings that fulfill the requirement of a place for social gatherings, exploration, etc. However, one thing that a building can not exist without are the building materials. 

There are some materials that are very essential that a building can not do without for too long such as POP (Plaster Of Paris), faucets, cement, and many more. Building supplies are available in many sizes for even the smallest of repair or fix. 

Construction And Building Supplies Store In New York

If you are looking for building supplies for a multitude of purposes, then you can find them all at Safety Hardware Store. We have a wide range of products that are from reputed brands that you trust. These products are versatile and can be used for even professional use such as plumbers, electricians, etc. Let’s give you an overview of the products we have in store.    

3M 20082 Bondo Wood Filler

3M 20082 Bondo Wood Filler

This type of wood filler is medium brown in color, stainable, and paintable. It is a 2-part wood filler which is perfect for almost any wood surface whether you use it inside or outside your house. This can also cure fast and can even sand in 15 minutes, by using any power tools or even hands. The surface that you use it on will be available for paint after 25 minutes of applying. Another feature is that it does not shrink and can also resist water. 

You can use it to fill small damages and rebuild missing pieces of wood. It will give you professional repairs at your own convenience whether it is a small project or large. 

Structo Lite Basecoat Plaster


Structo Lite basecoat plaster is a product of Chinese origins and is well-known. This plaster is perfect for durable walls and ceilings and can conform to different designs. You can use it by hands or machines on metal lath, gypsum, concrete, clay tile, or cinder blocks. 

Black Jack Tuff-Seal Roof & Flashing Cement


This cement is designed in such a way that makes it great for crack repairs, holes and seams in roofing materials. It can also work for new construction and provides waterproof protection as well. It is a premium sealing compound that is based after Asphalt. It turns black in color after drying. 

Custom Building Pbg3807-4 Haystack Tile Grout Sanded – 7 lb


This contains polymer-modified dry grouts for vitreous, semi-vitreous, and even absorptive tile which include mosaic, quarry, porcelain, brick, precast terrazzo, natural stone, and pavers. These grout joints are ⅛ to ½ wide and can be used on floors, walls, ceiling, countertops, showers, and other surfaces. It has an easy spread and smooth textures and is good for cleaning up. Some of its other features are the resistance to cracking, shrinking, powdering etc. 

DeWalt Brad Nails


It is a pack of 2500 nails that has the following features: chisel point, coated finish, collated adhesive, stainless steel. It is one of the best steel nails that you can find and are perfect for your house or office needs.

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Metacaulk Firestop Sealant


This firestop sealant is a one component sealant that can be used for any general purpose. It is a fire rated sealant which can smoke seals for construction joints and can also fix seals that occur due to penetration. It means that you can prevent flames from spreading and can even prevent smokes via penetration openings. Metacaulk MC 150+ is also used at the top of wall, power cables, EMT, deflection track wall system in concrete and gypsum walls and floors as well as wooden floors. It also has an elastomeric seal with an STC rating of 51. 

Minwax Clear Satin Fast-drying Polyurethane


Minwax Polyurethane is a versatile product that provides protection that lasts long and also adds to the aesthetic of your furniture and other wood surfaces such as floors, cabinets, and doors. It is also one of the most durable wood protection coatings that can protect against scratches, spills, and has a clear coat. Whether it is a complete or incomplete wooden project, you can use it. Its fast drying formula can also allow quick recoat in a maximum time of 6 hours. 

Oatey Access Panel


Oatey is a renowned plumbing brand and their access panels are of top quality. These access panels are reversible and can be mounted on any surface. It can even be flush mounted and there is no need for a frame. They allow access to many service areas for systems related to security systems, electricity, plumbing, telephone, sprinkler systems, computer cables, and more.It is made using high-impact ABS surface with a premium white texture. 

Rustoleum Metal Saver Rust Reformer


This rust performer can chemically convert the areas containing rust into a smooth surface. You can then paint it later and there is no need for sanding bare metal. You can use it to coat the top with many oil based finishes leaving behind a black durable finish. It also comes in with a handy applicator for your convenience. 

Best Hardware Supply In NYC: Safety Hardware Store

Safety Hardware Store is the go-to place when it comes to getting hardware for every scale of hardware needs. We provide construction supplies in New York and are proven as the best building supplies store in New York. 

We believe in providing customer satisfaction and quality in our products that is why the products in our online store are from trusted and reliable brands. If you have any doubts related to our products then you can contact our customer service by sending a mail at

Get the best products at the most competitive market price by visiting and checking out our online store.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Building Supplies are the essential materials that are the core of any small or large scale construction. They can be in the form of simple screws or hammers and can have a much wider range, depending on the scale of production.

In terms of business, supplies are the items that businesses use for their daily operations which can include items in their inventories or the machineries for manufacturing. There can be many more supplies depending on the type of business.

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