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Doors and windows are the first things a person notices the moment he enters the house. The door is that element that does warm welcome of the guests and restricts the entry of burglars at the same time. On the other hand, the windows provide a passage for air to pass through but also act as a shield against break-ins. 

Besides functionality, doors and windows also contribute to the decorative purpose and enhance house curb appeal. And because of the multiple purposes these components serve, it’s crucial to upgrade their accessories with time. Timely upgradation in the door and window hardware not only enhances house security but also gives you a chance to replace old accessories with new and stylish ones.   

Looking for robust and stylish door and window accessories? Look no more! Safety Hardware Store is one of the door and windows stores in New York City that provide you with durable and decorative door and window hardware. We offer our clients a wide variety of door handles, locksets, doorknobs and related hardware at competitive prices. Let’s dive into the list of doors and window accessories we offer.  

door and window store

Door & Window Accessories We Offer

It’s vital to understand that there are endless door and window accessories available in the market. These accessories include door handles, locksets and doorknobs. Let’s dive into the accessories that we provide for your doors and windows. 

Glass Door Knob

The Glass Door Knob is a set of E 2537 Mortise locks perfect for replacing damaged knobs on old or antique interior doors. It comes with a 17/64″ square spindle and diecast base. This door knob is easy to install, but it requires some supporting components that need to be purchased separately. Also, this glass door knob can be easily broken under accidental impact or under pressure.   

Glass Door Knobs

Door Viewer Nickel

Door Viewer Nickel is a very basic and reasonable product that allows the homeowner to identify visitors from the security point of a locked door. This door viewer offers a lens angle of 160 degrees for wide viewing. It fits doors that are 1-3/8 inch to 2 inches thick. 

Kwikset Chrome/Satin Door Knob

The Kwikset door knob comes with both-side handles for exterior doors where keyed entry is needed. This door knob features smart key security that protects the door from the latest break-in techniques. Also, it allows you to rekey your locks yourself in a few seconds. The SmartKey security feature is compatible with KW1 or SC1 keyway options. 

Door Knob

Kwikset Keyed Entry Knob

Kwikset Keyed Entry Knob is a classic design that also works as a decor along with the safety element. Its distinctive design gives a graceful finish to house doors. Made with brass metal, this entry knob comes with a range of features. It includes an adjustable bolt to fit all standard doors and bare screws on the inside knob. Also, it comes with patented side locking bar technology that offers the door improved security by securing against lock bumping. Lock bumping is a technique to crush tumbler locks and conventional pins. 

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Kwikset Halifax Entry Lever

Kwikset Halifax Entry Lever is a superior security fully reversible lever with great design. It comes with SmartKey rekey technology and is fit for both right and left-handed doors. The latch comprises two interchangeable faceplates. One is a round corner, and the other is a square corner. This entry lever is for exterior doors where keyed entry and security is a must.

Kwikset Lido Polished Brass Lock 

Kwikset Lido Lock is a high-security bolt with a brass coating that provides protection to the premises and gives your home a stylish design statement. This passage lever is especially for closet applications and interior halls where no locking is needed. This Kwikset Lock is reversible and installs on both-handed (left and right) doors. Also, its brass coating adds a classic touch and gives a lock vintage look.  

Kwikset Lido Satin Nickel Lock 

Kwikset Lido Satin Nickel Lock is a privacy lock that is highly robust and durable. Along with the security feature, this privacy lock also works as a decorative element. It is basically for two places that require utmost safety – bathroom and bedroom. The bolt is locked or unlocked by a turn piece inside. The exterior knob can be unlocked using an emergency key. Moreover, its satin nickel finish adds a modern feel to the product. 

Kwikset Montara Handleset 

Kwikset Montara Handleset is a secure and arched-design stylish product that is easy to install. The deadbolt comes with two security points that double the security and offer you peace of mind. This handle set is single-cylindrical and can be locked or unlocked with a key on both the inside and outside. Rekeying this lock is very simple, as it takes only a few minutes. This handset also features BumpGuard, which protects the lock against bumping. Also, its brass polishing gives it a traditional look that gives a place vintage feel.

Kwikset San Clemente Door Handleset

Kwikset San Clemente Door Handleset is a sleek and modern-looking kit that comes in designer styles to offer superior security. It features a variable screw that allows easy fitting and door mounting. Also, this handle set operates by a grip on the inside and a thumbpiece on the outside. Its iron black shade adds elegance to the set and offers a warm and rich complement to its style. Moreover, it comes with two interchangeable faceplates.   

National 60 in. Bypass Door Hardware

This National 60 in. Bypass Door Hardware is a dial-action hanger that allows easy perpendicular adjustment. With this product, doors can easily be hung or removed. Rail gives steel track with a flashy finish, and the door guide offers easy operation and allows door adjustment.

Frost King Shrink Window Kit

A specific amount of the heat in your home can release out of poorly insulated windows. Frost King, Shrink Window Kit, is the best and most affordable solution to keep your house cool and breezy. Also, it is easily installable as it takes only a few minutes to place them over house windows. This Crystal clear plastic sheet is fit for painted, metallic, or vinyl-clad frames or varnished wood frames. Also, this product is only for interior use.


Aluminum & Felt Door Sweep

The Aluminum & Felt Door Sweep seals out drafts from your door’s bottom area and helps make your house more airy and comfortable. This sweep fix is on the bottom edge of your interior door. Moreover, this door sweep is suggested to use with smooth top thresholds. 


National Hardware 2 in. White Window Bolt

The National Hardware 2 in. white-colour bolt is a security application for cabinets, chests, windows, and doors. The kit comprises a solid and durable strike, case and bolt. Also, this bolt is fit for horizontal, vertical, left or right-hand applications.


Get the best door and window hardware from the Safety Hardware store, and offer them an elegant look with better functionality.

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