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Is Electrical Tape The Perfect Solution To Cover The Wires?

Electrical tape is a simple product used to cover various electrical wires. It is designed for the insulation of electrical wires. Whatever be the purpose you serve during the DIY projects, this electrical insulation is essential. You can use the different types of insulation tapes to give protection from any electrical damage. 

The stability of the electrical wires depends on the outer protection during the connection. Having the right insulation tape can make a huge difference in the success of your project. In this post, we will explain: Should you use it to cover electrical wires or not?

What Is An Electrical Tape?

The electrical tape acts as an effective insulator against electricity. It is generally used to protect electrical wires. Due to its excellent insulation, and moisture-resistance ability, it is widely used as an economical insulation solution. Apart from wire, it is also used to insulate other materials that conduct electricity.

These tapes are made from vinyl, known for their elongation properties. It comes in various dimensions ranging in thickness, width, and length. The major advantage it offers is heat-resistant, which improves the safety of various electrical devices.

Electrical Tape

Different Types Of Electric Tape 

There are different types of electrical tape available for various purposes. Every insulation tape comes to provide insulation. Before choosing one for yourself, look at the different insulation tapes available.

Electrical Vinyl Intertape

The electrical vinyl interstate is the electrical tape that is surrounded by a PVC film. It is a non-corrosive rubber adhesive that covers the wires strongly. The outer layer of this insulated tape is hard, which lasts longer in different environments. It is resistant to water, acids, oils, and corrosive chemicals due to its durable material. It can work perfectly in the temperature range of 32 to 176 degrees.

Mini-Cable Snake Fish Tape

The mini-cable snake fish tape is specially designed for the mini electrical cables. It is an innovative and ultra-compact fish tape with great durability. It is widely used to install home devices, networks, and ceilings. This electrical tape is good for short runs and usually feeds under the carpets. Due to its durable nature, it resists the wires from natural harm. It can easily be stored in a toolbox due to its compact design.

Intertape 85828 Electrical Tape

This electrical tape is used to cover the frayed wiring and connection. The outer layer of this insulated tape is covered with the PVC film layer. It is a non-corrosive rubber adhesive that protects the wires. It is resistant to water, alkalis, and chemicals in different conditions. The temperature range of Intertape 85828 is 32 to 176 degrees. This CSA-certified adhesive tape comes with a great thickness which provides extra protection to the wires.

How To Use The Electrical Tape Like A Professional?

Once you know the importance of the electrical tape for the electrical wires, it is crucial to know how to use it correctly. To ensure your electrical wire works perfectly, use the insulated tape correctly. Here are the tips on using the insulation tape like a professional:

Select The Right Electrical Tape

The proper selection of the electrical tape is the most important to give excellent protection to wires. Based on the purpose, you need to select the right type of insulated tape. For the cold weather conditions, the selection of the cold weather tape is appropriate for insulating purposes. These tapes are designed especially for cold weather. The normal tape easily gets damaged in such conditions.

The other thing you need to take care of is the temperature range of the insulated tape. Every tape comes with a different temperature range. Pay attention to the minimum and maximum range of the electrical tape temperature. Moreover, it would help if you always used the certified UL-approved tapes for insulation purposes.

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Stretch The Tape During Wrapping

Always stretch the electrical tape while wrapping it on the electrical wires and objects. It works best when you stretch it during applying it to the object. Insulated tapes strongly insulate when it adapts to the wires they are applied to. That’s why it is recommended to stretch the tape while wrapping it on the cord or piece of wire. The adhesive material adapts the objects strongly and provides better insulation protection.

Wrap The Tape In Half-Lap

The professional way to use the electrical tape is to wrap it in a half-lap. The half-lap principle forms a double layer coating around the object. The best way to do a lap is to cover one-half the thickness of the wire. For this technique, the thickness of your insulation tape should be more than ever. Use the minimum of the two half-lapped layers to achieve better overall protection.

Best Outlet Ground Which Works Best With Electrical Tape Protection

The outlet ground has its importance in the daily electrical hardware. It provides multiple connection facilities to various devices. The insulation of the outlet must be done by electrical tape to protect the short circuit. Various outlet power grounds and strips work best with the insulation tape protection.

6 Outlet Ground Tap C1146W

The 6 Outlet Ground Tap C1146W comes with six outlets that can connect with multiple devices simultaneously. It is made from an impact-resistant plastic which works well in different temperature ranges. The center screw gives secure support while attached to the plugs in for the power. It works best with insulated electrical tape to provide protection.

3 Outlet Ground Swivel Power Tap

This outlet ground comes with a three-outlet which has perfect plugs-in three-pin sockets. It works effectively with a standard electrical tape to provide insulation. It is simple to use and can be easily installed in the home. This outlet ground works best with a 15A current. 

The Best Outlet Power Strip You Should Consider For Your Home 

The outlet power strip adds a connection to the various devices. For the insulation of their outer wires, a good electrical tape must be used. Here are some of the best outlet power strips you should consider for your home.

Woods Plastic 6-Outlet Power Strip

This six-outlet power strip is made from wooden plastic, which acts as a device’s surge protector. It comes with a circuit breaker that controls the heavy load well. It is a slim-size outlet power strip convenient to use as an everyday power supply.

3 Outlet & 2 USB Outlet Power Strip

This bright outlet power strip comes with three outlets and two USB ports for extra usage. It comes with an attractive design. This outlet strip’s outer wire works with Mini-cable electrical tape for insulation. Due to its lightweight, it can be used conveniently as a remote power strip.

Metal Surge Outlet Power Strip

The metal surge power strip is designed to protect the electrical devices from a heavy load. It comes with six outlets which provide a great electric supply. The metal used in its outer power strip is durable for different conditions. The outer cord of this power strip is 15 meters long, which connects distant devices well.


Electrical tapes offer great protection against short circuits due to heavy supply. It creates the best insulation around the electrical wires. Different insulated tapes are designed to protect the different devices. Due to its major advantage, it is the perfect solution to cover the electrical wires. It also has a great usage for the insulation of outlet ground and outlet power strip. We hope you got your answer after reading this post. Safety Hardware Store offers a complete solution for home repair purposes. We have a wide range of insulated electrical products. These products are designed to provide the next level of protection to your electrical devices. We also provide 24/7 emergency services in home improvement according to your needs. For more info, visit our website now.

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