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How To Find The Best Fluorescent Bulb For Your Space?

The history of lights and light bulbs is very old. From the first invention of the light bulb by Nikola Tesla to the latest technologies of a fluorescent bulb and LED bulb present in the market, the evolution of lighting products is prominent. The market for light bulbs has been on a constant increase. 

The atmosphere loses its charm and affects people’s moods without proper lighting. To boost the spirit of everyone, having proper lighting is the key. So, if you are looking for ways to find the best fluorescent bulb for your home and office, you are at the right place. Here we will explain everything you need to know about the fluorescent bulb. Lastly, we will even tell you where you can purchase the best fluorescent bulb. Stay with us as we go deep down on the fluorescent bulb. 

Fluorescent Bulb

What Is A Fluorescent Bulb?

When we talk about a fluorescent bulb, we must know what it means and what advantages it can offer to your household and office. A fluorescent bulb is a light source consisting of a long tube with mercury in its partial vacuum. Sizes are obtainable in a vast range with diverse diameters. Fluorescent phosphorus follows the tube inside the fluorescent bulb. When electricity is passed through the bulb, mercury gets excited, causing the emission of UV rays. 

The use of the fluorescent bulb in major buildings and households is very common. The reason is that the energy consumed is much less and has a longer life than incandescent lighting. The fluorescent bulb is also used as outdoor light bulbs

What Merits Can A Fluorescent Bulb Offer?

Now we know what the fluorescent bulb means, let’s know some of the advantages they offer, such as the outdoor light bulbs and inside your house. 

Energy Efficient 

Everyone loves to save some money on their electricity bill. One of the biggest advantages these bulbs offer is energy efficiency. The incandescent bulbs can’t even compete with them in this as a 100W of an incandescent bulb and a 22W of fluorescent bulb offer the same efficiency. The energy used by the fluorescent is 50-80 % less than the incandescent bulbs. 

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Although the initial cost of the fluorescent light is higher than the incandescent light, they are more cost-efficient in the long run. Like the outdoor light bulbs, fluorescent light uses less energy and lasts ten times longer than incandescent light. You can easily notice their performance by looking at your low electricity bills. 

Environment Friendly

By switching to a fluorescent bulb, you help the environment by drastically reducing carbon emissions. You can decrease up to half of the CO2 from the atmosphere with the half-life of the light. 


Fluorescent bulbs come in every shape and size. Fluorescent lights can be utilized everywhere in your household and office. They come in different colors to make the surroundings colorful and beautiful. 

Now we know all the major advantages that fluorescent lights can offer. Without any further ado, let’s look at how you can find the perfect fluorescent bulb. 

Fluorescent Bulb

Things To Look For While Selecting Fluorescent Bulb For You

Understanding what fluorescent bulb will be best for you is crucial. With guidance, you can grasp what you’re looking for. The cost-efficient one that satisfies your needs will be the one you choose. 

Here are the things you ought to contemplate searching for the best fluorescent bulb. 

Fluorescent: Types, Shapes, And Size 

While buying the fluorescent, the first thing to remember is to eliminate all the choices that don’t come under the requirements. Whether you are buying fluorescent bulbs for the first time or have already made some purchases in the past, the first thing you should look for is the fixture. Because without knowing the socket your bulb will go to, you can make wrong purchases. 

Knowing this can help eliminate your chances of making a wrong purchase. The common fluorescent bulbs come in the base type of either a single pin or bi-pin, also known as two-pin. After this, you need to figure out the shape of the bulb. The common ones are U-Bent, circular, and linear. Figuring out the shape will clarify doubts about the shape you must choose. 

Out of these three shapes, linear is the most used fluorescent light, also known as tubular. Homes and offices use this shaped light to bring simplicity to the place. If you are also shopping for your home, the chances of being in linear shape are pretty high. Few companies use U-bent and circular lights, too, as the main goal of those lights is to make the business look stylish and elegant. You can notice such lights easily in hotels and restaurants. 

Lastly, you want to measure your fluorescent tube size length to eliminate the wrong choices. Remember these three things to get to the right conclusion.

The Efficiency Of The Fluorescent Light 

Saving the energy can bring down your electricity bills. Being environment friendly can reduce the carbon present in the atmosphere. If you are looking for a fluorescent bulb, remember to check its efficiency compared to your old bulbs. Knowing the watt requirement can filter out your choices and provide you with the most efficient and eco-friendly fluorescent light. 

The Perfect Color And Tone

Understanding the size and type of fluorescent light you want to choose and knowing the color and tone can easily end your search for the perfect fluorescent bulbs. Depending on the type of places these lights will be utilized can assist you in figuring out the color and tone. White fluorescent light bulbs are the best for a place like an office, hospital, or factory. At the same time, places like homes, restaurants, and hotels enjoy the company of warmer white light. Depending on your situation, you can specify which one will be most appropriate for you. 

Final Words

There is a wide range of fluorescent bulb markets, and finding the perfect light can take time. But now, since you have read everything you need about the fluorescent light, decision-making will be much simpler and easier. But from where can you purchase high-quality fluorescent lights? 

Safety Hardware Store is your destination if you want to purchase fluorescent lights at the right price and quality. Our shop offers a wide variety of light bulbs such as a19 LED light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs, outdoor light bulbs, etc. We even provide electrical services so that the installation process can be done proficiently. Make sure to visit our shop for a nice and comfortable shopping experience.

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