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Folding Door Hardware: Increase The Life Of Your Doors

Folding doors are among the handiest doors for almost all types of spaces, but they’ve got a special place in small places. Bifold doors are becoming the favored folding doors because of their practicality and functionality as a space saver, as nowadays, each square inch of space counts. The folding door hardware also offers benefits like offering full or partial openings based on space limitations or user preferences. Also, the door lets light pass, and it becomes a passageway or divider for another room. 

However, it’s important to have the right folding door hardware installed on your doors to get the full convenience of folding doors. 

Learn About Folding Door Hardware

Folding door hardware is available in different formats. Some common examples of this hardware are pulls (known as handles), which are among the best-known items in many models. You can buy ordinary pulls, which are ornate and available in different shapes, finishes, and sizes.

Pulls are everyday items to folding door hardware, but these as separate items can get attached to the doors. When selecting the sliding door hardware, it’s best to ensure that the tracks are good. Cheap and poor quality tracks may draw attention due to their low price, but functionality-wise, it wouldn’t be a wise thing to depend on them. So, count those out of your folding door hardware buying list. 

Also, tracks are meant for different fold door weights, so it is ideal for picking sturdy material for flimsy tracks and built doors. Not matching door tracks means it is hard to control doors. Straight slide systems are also common folding door hardware items working with slide doors. Such hardware is wood or metal and works on either one or two-track runs. Folding door hardware is used on doors, small garages, and industrial spaces. They are made of steel, and the range spans indoor and outdoor use. 

For indoor use, it’s best to pick hardware from standard sets with available fittings and step-by-step instructions to install items. You should look for a reputable seller selling stock items made by companies offering a range of folding door hardware for suiting all door applications like straight sliding, folding, around the corner, and centerfold systems for the best folding closet door hardware

Before buying such items, it’s best to check whether the seller is a member of reputable associations. Membership with such bodies ensures that you have quality products. 

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Tips To Know Before Buying Folding Door Hardware

Let’s look at some vital tips to know before buying folding door hardware:

Define Budget

It is vital to affect the final decision to buy. As there are many choices in the market, knowing the target price range lets homeowners set boundaries, narrowing their options to viable ones. 

Find The Best Supplier

It would be best to canvass and know options, research, ask around, and visit local suppliers. It ensures that you’ll get the best price and assures the item quality that they sell. Although the quality is synonymous with the high cost, it is not the case every time. You’ll need to know the right place to buy. 


Know if you want to use folding door hardware outdoors or indoors. It would help if you considered it for the privacy and security of users. Know the opening door dimensions. Professionals do measurements to determine accuracy. 


Different materials like wood, metal, PVC, etc., are available. All metals have their benefits and disadvantages. Keep this in mind while choosing the suitable material for the house. 

After choosing the material, you should consider the finishing option that suits your house. Choose the right finish. The tracks, door hinges, and locks are essential items in folding doors. Ensure that they work perfectly and are of excellent quality. 

Installing Folding Doors Hardware

It’s simple to install folding doors with the right folding door hardware. However, the job becomes complex with heavy doors or when the closet opening is not square. 

Mount Hinges

Take jamb side doors with an inner edge 11 inches from the bottom and 7 inches top, centered between two. Keep the door on the edge with marks facing to see them. Now take the hinge’s lower half and align the bottom with the bottom mark. Make sure that the knuckles face back and flush to the edge. Screw hinge plate and link topmost and middle door hinges to marks. Use a self-centering bit for drilling pilot holes with the hinge. 

Keep the inner leading door on edge, facing the first door. Now evenly align the door against the square. Put door hinge hardware together and screw hinge plates to the leading door. 

Attach Track Hardware

Fasten pivot plates and locking arms to the bottoms and top of the doors. Pivot plates are on the bottom and top of jamb-side doors and the locking arm on the leading door top. 

All kits need unique positioning of the folding door hardware, so check diagrams for the proper fitting and placement. 

Installing Door Hinge Track

After you put the track together, you’ll install it. Use a hacksaw and cut the track to fit the opening/closet length. Slide hanging folding door hardware into the trail while linking the track to the door header with available screws. 

Don’t tighten folding door hardware into the track. It is simple to hang doors with loose pieces.

Position Floor Bracket

We need manufacturer-supplied measurements for positioning the floor bracket to properly door jamb; hang the bob tool from the tracking tool above the floor bracket for aligning the pinhole front to back in the bracket. It ensures that the doors are plumb on installation. 

Now remove screws and keep the screws and folding door hardware bracket aside.

Hang Doors

Carry doors to track and lift jamb side to door to lock it into the pivot plate pin. After being sure that the pin is in, push the lever on the socket side to lock it. Now with closed doors, swing them enough to catch the floor bracket folding door hardware in the base pivot pin. 

Link Floor Bracket

Follow the steps to link the floor bracket:

  • Swing doors in place to link the floor bracket. Find the markets you made previously and use the flexible extender for screwing down the bracket. 
  • Hang other doors with the same technique which is stated.
  • You can get some help as it makes it simple for another person.

Link The Door Aligner

Here are some of the bullet points that are useful in linking the door aligner:

  • It would be best if you did it from inside with closed doors. 
  • Mount door aligners between leading doors. Aligners should catch up with closed doors. 
  • You can do it 6-inches from the floor.

Installing Door Pulls

You can install door pulls (handles) whenever you want them. Choose the height you need to place and follow the manual to install them. The right folding door hardware process ensures you’ll enjoy your bi-fold doors. The closet now has a new feel.


You can install door pulls (handles) whenever you want them. Choose the height you need to place and follow the manual to install them. The right folding door hardware process ensures you’ll enjoy your bi-fold doors. The closet now has a new feel. 

With the right door hinge equipment and the proper installation knowledge, you get top-quality long-lasting windows and doors for your home and offices. Safety Hardware Store has the most premium quality door folding hardware sets, making it simple for you to install them and relying on them for safety.

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