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Electricity is one of every premise’s first and foremost requirements, including homes and offices. That is why whenever you enter any place, you switch on the light first and then do something else. Talking about lightning or electricity, it’s true that light bulbs are one of the basic lighting sources commonly used and are highly in demand in the market. Light bulbs not only serve functionality but also decorative purposes.

Are you looking for a light bulb store in NYC? If yes, your search has ended here. We at Safety Hardware Store offer an array of light bulbs in a very reasonable price range. We have every light bulb for your every purpose and place. Shop from us and enlighten your space with warm and pleasing light. 


What To Consider While Choosing A Light Bulb?

Lighting can make or break a home appeal. From an ambient bedside lamp to overhead ceiling fixtures, the right light bulb brightens your place and enhances the ambiance. Let’s dive into the details and features one should look for while buying a Light Bulb. 

Shape & Base Of Light Bulb

The light bulb comes in various shapes, including reflector, globe or spiral. The light bulb is denoted by alphabet and numbers, where the alphabet indicates the shape of the bulb while the digits refer to the bulb’s diameter. And if we talk about the base of light bulbs, there are two main types of bases – screw base and pin base. It is important to choose the shape and base of a light bulb that is compatible with your lightning fixture. 

Lumens And Watts

Lumens measure the amount of light, while watts measure the energy required to light up the bulb. The more lumens produced by the bulb, the brighter the light will be. So when choosing a light bulb, it’s important to look at the lumen instead of watts.  

Color Temperature

The Kevin (K) is a unit to measure color temperature. The bulb’s color temperature tells how the light emerges when the human eye directly looks at the lightning bulb. The light bulb that emits yellowish-white light has a temperature of around 2700K, which offers a warm and cozy feeling in the living area. And when the temperature of light color increases by 5000K or higher, the yellowish-white light decreases, and cooler white color light increases emitting the bluish-white light in the area. 

Best Light Bulb Store In NYC

Safety Harware Store is one of the most reliable and trustable light bulb providers, offering a range of bulbs at affordable prices. We are bringing superiorly innovative approaches from decades now that have given us invaluable repo in the lighting industry. We offer an exclusive range of light bulbs for multiple settings, including residential, commercial and automotive. 

From LED bulbs to Halogen, we cover all for you. Want to buy a light bulb for your home or business setting? Contact us, ask for our quote and get the finest and most durable light bulb. Besides, we provide bulbs repair and installation services within your budget.

Types Of Light Bulbs We Offer

We offer our clients almost all kinds of light bulbs and other lighting solutions for their premises. The types of light bulbs we have in our collection include LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, Halogen light bulbs, Fluorescent light bulbs, Incandescent light bulbs, Automotive bulbs, vintage bulbs and more. For better understanding, let’s learn about these light bulbs separately, along with their purpose and properties. 

LED Bulb

LED Bulbs are the go-to light option for regular use. These bulbs are fit for various fixtures and use less electricity than incandescent bulbs for emitting the same amount of light. In LED bulbs, the brightness of the light is measured in units of lumens, not in watts. These bulbs need more upfront investment, but they are highly energy-efficient. They are environmentally friendly as they are formed without hazardous ingredients. Also, these lights have an exceptionally long life. LED bulbs are ideal for indoor herb gardens, front and backyard patios, kid’s rooms and sunrooms.


CFL Bulb

Typically coming in a spiral shape, CFL lights emit a softer and warmer light using a small amount of electricity. These bulbs contain mercury and take a while to get warm and glow bright. In comparison to LED bulbs, CFLs are more budget-friendly. These bulbs are used in various fixtures, including indoor lamps and outdoor post lights.


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Halogen Light Bulbs

If you are looking for one of the most affordable and energy-efficient bulbs, halogen light bulbs are the go-to option. Similar to incandescent lighting, Halogen light bulbs emit warm and bright light. These bulbs are great for both indoor and outdoor floodlights. Also, these bulbs do not get easily warm like CFLs. They have shorter durability and usually burn out after 10–12 months of daily use. 


Fluorescent Light Bulb

Fluorescent Light Bulbs are very popular light bulbs, ideal for utility spaces like kitchens and laundry rooms. These bulbs emit a crisp white glow and optimal brightness. These bulbs are very durable and last up to 20,000 hours. Fluorescent’s colored and black light bulbs work great to suit your distinctive design and entertainment needs.


Incandescent Light Bulb

Incandescent Light Bulbs, also called Edison bulbs, are the standard filament light bulbs universally used in every home. These bulbs emit bright light but eat more energy. They are susceptible to temperature changes, but their affordability makes them an easier and go-to option for purchase. Light bulbs in the oven, refrigerator and microwave are incandescent.


Automotive Bulbs

Automotive bulbs come in various sizes to meet various vehicles’ requirements. A single pack of automotive bulbs consists of 2 light bulbs. These bulbs emit bright light and are specifically designed to help in diving in all road conditions.


Decorative & Vintage Light Bulb

Vintage light bulbs, also known as Edison light bulbs, add a touch of aesthetic to the standard light fixtures in your home. These vintage bulbs come in a range of shapes and sizes. They are so popular because of the antique-style filament in the center.


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