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General Electric THQP120 Single Pole Circuit Breaker, 20A

  • Tin-plated copper stabs create a reliable permanent and corrosion-resistant connection
  • Box type terminals
  • Calibration screw is cemented to prevent shifting
  • Case is made of heat-resistant thermoset for stability and structural integrity
  • Trips to the center position
  • Meets NEMA standards
  • ANSI certified and CSA and UL listed

Size: 20a

Copper-to-copper connections, calibrated for optimum trip performance, heat resistant thermoset cases and covers, cemented calibration screw. Nearly identical to type THQL with the same design and performance, yet only taking up 1/2 the space, 1/2″ per pole. UL Listed, HACR rated. 15 and 20 amp SWD, switching duty rated, suitable for 120 volt fluorescent lighting loads. 15 to 25 amp #14 – 8 Cu or #12 – 8 Al AWG wire, 30 to 50 amp #8 – 4 Cu or #8 – 2 Al AWG wire. 3-9/32″ height x 1/2″ width x 2-3/8″ depth. 120/240 volt.


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