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Allway Handy Saw Nest HSN

  • Original handy hand saw
  • This product is highly durable
  • This product is manufactured in China
HB24T metal cutting blade. HB10T wood cutting blade. Allway handy saw is designed to cut in tight places easily. Cuts where hacksaws cannot, ideal for cutting blind nails to remove window sills intact fast, internally cutting and removing broken plumbing nipples from radiators, removing any rusted bolts absolutely flush with ease. Fast, clean, easy. Downward cutting, vertical upward cutting position, horizontal right or left cutting position. HB24T: general metal cutting. HB10T: wood, masonite, ceiling tiles, drywall, etc. Assembled in USA from imported and domestic parts.
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To Remove Blade: Press rear of blade and push point of blade downward.


Always use eye protection.


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