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Aquaplumb 2116 Chrome-Plated Brass Pop-Up Drain Assembly with Linkage

AquaPlumb A convenient replacement kit, this pop-up drain assembly features a standard design that easily fits sinks from a wide variety of different makers. Use it to restore a broken or corroded pop-up assembly to working order. The pop-up mechanism is crafted from durable, resilient brass. The parts are tough enough to endure daily use in both residential and commercial spaces. Chrome plating gives the pieces of the mechanism improved resistance to corrosion and enhanced overall durability. It provides a sleek, shiny look that complements both traditional and modern sink styles with ease. The assembly comes packaged with the lift and pivots that open and close the drain stopper. This ensures that you have all the parts you need to replace your sink’s pop-up assembly completely. This pop-up brass assembly includes aqua plumb drain stopper #2093p, which boasts impressive durability and a secure seal that makes it easy to fill or empty your sink’s basin whenever you wish.


Country of Origin (subject to change) China


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