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Bondo Body Repair Kit

  • Do-it-yourself auto repair kit makes for durable same-day repairs.
  • Easy to use ā€“ includes step-by-step instructions.
  • Ideal for repairs from large holes and rust-outs to deep scratches.
  • Includes reliable materials for mixing and cleanup.
  • Featuring Bondo Body Filler, the original filler used by professionals for over 60 years.
  • Use during the Fill stage of the 3M Body Repair System.
  • For industrial/occupational use only.
  • toll-free help line is available if additional technical support is required.

True car lovers know that its the details that make all the difference. Return your vehicle to the same gorgeous glory as the day you drove it off the lot with Bondo Body Stage 3 Repair Kit. The set includes a range of professional grade materials that will help you to restore the exterior of your car or truck. Use the cream hardener and spreader to repair dents and dings and the self-adhesive body patch to address larger issues. With the Bondo Body Repair Kit on hand in your glove compartment or garage, youll be ready to ride in style!



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Body Repair Kit

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