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Bussmann Sl-20 Time Delay SL Plug Fuse, 20 Amp

  • Ideal for use with small motor and inductive load circuits
  • White ceramic rejection bases
  • Time delay load link
  • Tamper resistant
  • Rejection feature to help prevent over fusing (when used alone or with Fustat adapters to retrofit Edison-base holders)

PlugWith Time Delay20 AMP
Bussmann Time-delay plug fuse has voltage rating of 125 VAC and current rating of 20 Amps. Fuse has interrupt rating of 10 kilo-Amps. It has non-interchangeable body to eliminate high amperage fuse installation. Fuse can resist motor starting surges effectively. It has threads to accommodate easily into SA adaptors. Fuse measures 1.160 Inch x 1.375 Inch. Time-delay plug fuse is UL listed

Maximum AC Voltage (V AC)


Amperage Rating (A)


Interrupting Ratings @ 125VAC (kA)



Ceramic Base with Rejection Threads

Dia (In.)



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