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Compact Fluorescent Lamp 36W

  • 36watt 4pin 2G11
  • Average Rated Life 10000hrs
  • Biax L Dulux L and Lynx L
  • Operates with Electronic Ballast

It has efficacy of 80 LPW. Lamp has voltage rating of 106-Volts and current rating of 0.435-Amp. It has color rendering index of 82. Lamp with 3500K color temperature rating radiates white light to the surrounding. Dimmable lamp in silicon finish, measures 416.6 mm x 39 mm Dia. It comes with average life of 15000 hours.

Abbreviation Name PL-L 36W/835 25PK
Base 2G11
Bulb Type Fluorescent Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 82
Color Temperature (K) 3500K


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