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Cooper Wiring Si06p-w-k White Dimmer Single Pole/3Way

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The Eaton SI06P-W-K 600-Watt Single-Pole/3-Way SKYE Incandescent/Halogen/Magnetic Low-Voltage Dimmer with LED Indicator and Preset provides a simple, yet effective means for dimming lights to the perfect setting. To operate, simply use the integrated full-slide control for easy, precise settings. The Square Law Dimming principles allows for intuitive operation so that the perceived dimming level is proportional to the sliders position. With the 3-way set up, you can control one light from 2 locations when used in conjunction with a standard switch. By using this product, you can set the right mood, conserve energy, and extend the life of your lamp. It has a green LED light that softly illuminates when the device is on, acting as a night light. Some other features include Radio Frequency Interference filtering for radio, audio, and video equipment, electrostatic discharge protection, and also power failure memory. Eaton is committed to providing products that increase productivity, energy efficiency, safety at work and in the home, and produce reliable performance. Whether a home’s style is traditional, modern, casual, cozy or rustic, it will demand more from wiring devices than in years past. Eaton is dedicated to providing the up-to-date wiring device solutions that today’s homes need.


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