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Dremel EZ407SA EZ Drum Mandrel

  • Provides a quicker and easier alternative to using a traditional sanding mandrel
  • Allows for flat sanding and edge sanding
  • Compatible with all rotary tools
  • Compatible with all 1.3cm sanding bands (408, 432, 445)
For Multi-tool
The Dremel Sanding Band EZ407SA-01 can help you complete your projects whether working at home or on the job site. It fits easily onto the one-piece drum mandrel. This rotary tool sanding band has a quality blend of materials that will work effectively to give your work a professional-looking finish. It’s a quick and easy alternative. This convenient sanding band is compatible with all Dremel rotary tools. It allows you to sand flatly and on the edge, making it a handy option for various types of DIY projects


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