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Duck Professional Painter’s Tape

Removes cleanly from surfaces for up to 3 days
Ideal for use on painted wood, ceramic/vinyl tile and carpet
Thick, flexible crepe paper backing prevents bleed-through

SKU 38970270-Achieve clean paint lines and cut down your touch-up time on your next project with Duck professional painter’s tape. Its strong adhesion balances good tack with clean removal, helping to prevent paint bleed on hard, durable surfaces like glass, wood and tile. Plus, it protects against paint drips so your paint job stays clean and you stay stress-free. No matter what the project, this painter’s tape allows contractors and home DIYers alike to achieve clean paint lines on any durable surface.

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For Better Results: Remove tape slowly at 90 degree abgle shortly after applying paint.


Caution: Test in an inconspicuous place before using. Do not use on drywall, wallpaper, lacquer/varnish/polyurethanes, uncured paint, unpainted wallboard, or surfaces with tendency to peel. Limit time of application to 3 days. Do not use in direct sunlight.


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