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FastCap 2P-10 Medium Adhesive, 2.25 oz.

  • Dries clear
  • Two year shelf life (best refrigerated)
  • Bonds in 10 seconds and cures in 30
  • Easy to sand within 60 seconds
  • Medium adhesive for use on smooth surfaces such as melamine and laminate
  • Activator sold separately
FastCap 2P-10 Medium Glue 63ml Wood Glues FastCap 2P-10 Medium Glue 63mlThe medium thickness variant of 2P-10 is the perfect glue for getting into tight spots and cracks. It is thin enough to sink down into small spaces but still thick enough to coat an area. The perfect solution for fixing plastic containers or wood furniture. It is another great product that the innovators at FastCap have found a solution for.What is the 2P-10 system? 2P-10 is a two-part ten-second adhesive. Just apply the adhesive, then spray the activator and stick it together for a strong, permanent bond. However this is more than just a 2 part adhesive. FastCap have gone a step further to design a full range of adhesives, applicators and colourants to meet all your rapid adhesive needs. So much more than other CA glues that think they’re super.2P-10 can be used on any material as long as it is clean and the surface is well prepared. The surface should be clean, with no oil, and slightly etched so the glue can bite more effectively. It should not be used in lieu of a weld (on metal), but it is very effective for tacking, to hold a piece in place.

4000 psi

Set Time

10 Sec

Cure Time

30 Sec

Package Quantity


Country of Origin

United States of America


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