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Finish Dishwasher Cleaner – 8.45 fl oz

  • Delivers a cleaner dishwasher
  • Fights odor and leaves behind a clean, fresh scent
  • Recommended once a month or as soon as you notice build-up in your dishwasher
  • Finish quality product
  • Breaks down and removes lime scale and grease build-up inside your dishwasher
  • You can call, or visit us on social for 24/7 support

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner works by safely and effectively breaking down and removing mineral build-up inside your dishwashing machine, including hard-to-reach parts like the heating element and sprayer arms. You may think your dishwasher is clean, but day after day, limescale and grease build up in hidden and vital parts: filters, spray arms and pipes. Use Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner with 5X Powers once a month for an amazingly clean, fresh and well-maintained dishwasher. A cleaner dishwasher means cleaner dishes! It’s easy to use as well! Remove the sticker from the top of the bottle, place the bottle upside down in the bottom dish rack and then run your dishwasher empty on the hottest cycle. It’s that simple to have a clean and well-maintained dishwasher.

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8.45 fl oz


Directions for Use: 1. Do not remove cap. Remove sticker from top of bottle to expose wax plug. 2. Place bottle upside down in the bottom dish rack. Keep cap on and make sure the wax plug is exposed. Do not use any soap or dishwasher detergent. 3. Run dishwasher empty on the hottest cycle (i.e. pots & pans, sanitation, etc). Discard empty bottle at the end of the cycle. Fits all dishwashers. Do not add any soap or detergent.


Caution: Read precautions on back panel. Keep out of reach of children. Caution: Plastic housing contains substances that may be corrosive to eyes and irritating to skin. Do not mix with chlorine bleach or any other product as harmful fumes may result. First Aid: If in eyes, immediately rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Remove any contact lenses if present and continue rinsing for 15 minutes. Get medical attention. If on skin, wash with soap and water. If irritation occurs, get medical attention. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Center or doctor immediately. Have person drink a glass of water if able to swallow. Do not give anything to an unconscious person. Do not induce vomiting. Contains citric acid and surfactants.


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