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Ge Energy Smart Soft White Light Bulbs, 15w – 2 count

  • Warm Soft pleasing light 2000K
  • Electronic flicker
  • free starting
  • Long Life for hard to reach places
  • CFL replacement for 65w Standard indoor floodlight
  • 1 CFL last as long as 7 years (calculated at 3 hours / day)
GE Energy Smart Soft White 15 Watts Light Bulbs. 3/15 watt bulbs. Light output is 720 lumens. Life is 8000 hours. Small compact size. Light output similar to standard R-30. Electronic flicker-free start. Regular everyday light. Indoor floodlight. Package provides over 16 years of light. Long life for hard to reach places. 1 CFL lasts as long as four incandescents.

Abbreviation Name FLE15/2/R30
Base E26 Medium Screw
Bulb Type Fluorescent Bulbs
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 82
Color Temperature (K) 2700K


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