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Goodlite G-10843 13-Watt CFL 60 Watt

  • 12,000 hour average rated life 10.9 Years means you’ll almost never have to change bulbs, 12 times more then Standard Incandescent Lamps
  • Utilizes an advanced electronic ballast so the bulb reaches full brightness quickly
  • 900 lumens providing fresh energizing light, Energy Star qualified
  • New T2 Technology Small, compact design, fits where standard bulbs are used, Ea Bulb Packed Individually in a Colord box with UPC bar code
  • 13 W

Compact Florescent Light Bulb (CFL) offers long life and quality energy efficient task lighting in a broad range of colors and sizes to fit any dcor. Whether you want to create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen or bath or bring the outdoors in with a bright white light similar to natural outdoor light for any room in the home, Goodlite line of CFL can meet your needs. Most fluorescent bulbs are straight (linear) but some fixtures use circular (Circline) bulbs, while other fixtures use a U-shaped (U-bent) design. Fluorescent bulbs are available in many colors, or color temperatures, which create different light moods. Color temperature is a measure of the light bulb’s color when illuminated, and is measured in degrees Kelvin. The higher the number, the whiter, and then bluer, or cooler the color. The lower the number, the more yellow, or warmer the color. The color of the light itself creates a mood in the lighted space.


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