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GT Water DK-Mini Snake DKMS

  • Safe and easy to use
  • No chemicals, no mess
  • Made of high strength resin
  • No need to remove the drain cover

Unclogs drains. Unclogs sinks, showers, bath drains and urinals. Rotate. Safe, easy to use. No chemicals. No need to remove drain cover. Made from high strength resin. Same material that is used in the space shuttle. Made in the USA.

Units in Package



1. Insert DK-Mini Snake into drain and push down until you meet resistance. Photo No. 1. 2. Rotate DK-Mini Snake handle two to three times. Photo No. 2. 3. Retract DK-Mini Snake and remove debris. Run water. Repeat steps 1-3 if necessary. After Use: Hang it up.


Never use DK-Mini Snake or any other drain tool immediately after drain cleaning chemicals have been used. The chemicals could splash on your hands or in your eyes causing serious injury. Wear gloves when using. Sharp parts. Keep away from children.


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