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Henry Cove Base Adhesive, 11 oz. 12105

For installing rubber or vinyl cove base outstanding
Outstanding grip
Cove base won’t slip during installation
Latex based easy cleanup with water
Size: 11 Ounce

Cove base adhesive – size 11 ounce – cartridge Used for the installation of rubber and vinyl cove base. Bonds to concrete, concrete block, gypsum drywall, plaster, wood, plywood, brick and plastic laminate, and abraded glazed or metal. Aggressive Initial Grab. No open time required. Plasticizer Migrat ion-Resistant. Easy cleanup. Excellent trowelability. AGIS Guarantee. Covers 27 lin. ft. per 11 oz. cartridge and 90 lin. ft. per 30 oz. with 1/8 inches bead.


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