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Hercules 15615 Real-Tuff Thread Sealant

  • Can be used on all metals and on PVC, ABS, and CPVC plastics
  • Formula is non-flammable and contains no heavy metals or volatile solvents
  • Safe for drinking-water lines
  • Forms leak-free joints that can be used immediately
  • Suitable for use with all liquids and gases except for oxygen
Surface CoatingRubber
HerculesĆ‚Ā Real-TuffĆ¢ā€ ̨Ā¢ is a multi-purpose, heavy duty white PTFE thread sealant that uses a unique system of fine-grain PTFE particles to fill cracks and thread imperfections. Real-TuffĆ¢ā€ ̨Ā¢ holds tight against expansion, contraction and vibration, is non-separating, will not run or drip from joints, contains no lead. Non-hardening lubricating formula permits low torque make-up and easy disassembly without galling or stripping threads. Real-TuffĆ¢ā€ ̨Ā¢ withstands temperatures from -200 to 550 deg F and provides leakproof hydraulic resistance to 12,000 psi and withstands gas pressure up to 2,600 psi. Real-TuffĆ¢ā€ ̨Ā¢ is non-flammable and contains no heavy metals or volatile solvents and is applied easily with a natural bristle brush, even at temperatures as low as -25 deg F.

Container Type


Chemical Type


Liquid Pressure Range

12,000 psi

Begins to Harden


Performance Temp. Range

-200 Degrees to 550 Degrees F


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