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Korky 464bp Tank-to-Bowl Gasket/Hardware Kit, 2-In.

  • Includes Installation Hardware
  • Made Of Red Clorazone Materials Which Resists Harsh Chemicals And Lasts Longer
  • Fixes Leaks Between Tank And Bowl
  • Universal Design

Gravity tank-to-bowl gaskets, hardware, and kits are components for installing new toilets or replacing worn parts on existing fixtures. Gaskets are rubber or plastic rings that form a water-tight seal at the tank-to-bowl connection. They deteriorate over time and may need replacement when they leak. Hardware components are nuts, bolts, and washers for connecting the tank to the bowl. They typically need to be replaced when they crack, corrode, or won’t seat properly due to stripped threads.Gravity-tank repair parts help fix leaks and restore proper flushing on gravity-flush toilets to avoid the expense of replacing the entire toilet. These toilet tank parts are used to replace broken or worn parts on gravity-fed tanks commonly found in homes, multifamily residences, hotel rooms, and other low-traffic settings (20 to 30 flushes per day). Signs that a toilet tank needs repair include leaking, constant running, and failure to flush.


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