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Maxlite Enclosed 15W Dimmable LED

  • Electrical Specifications
  • Dimensional Specifications
  • 100 Watt / 15W

The Maxlight Led light emits a Soft White light which is suited for well light locations which includes the living room and bedroom. Just like an incandescent bulb the LED provides an all-around, omnidirectional light distribution. The product luminates a much larger area compared to the normal incadescent. The maxlight Led light is a Product which can save your evergy cost beyond compare. The product uses only 15 Watts Of Energy when compared to a 100 W incandescent equivalent. With a 15 Watts output the product has a length of 12 inches breadth of 10 inches height of 9 inches and weighs 1 pound. Compared to just 1,000 hours for a traditional incandescent bulb, The Maxwell Led Light holds strong for 25,000 hours of vivid, cool, energy-efficient light which is approximately equal to 22 years of lighitng with a daily 3 hour use. One Maxwel Led light will save the cost of 25 incadescent bulbs on purchase. Designed just like an incadescent bulb the Maxwell led light Provides 1600 Lumens Of Light accompanied with 2700K colour temperature which is assured to raise the mood of the room to a relaxed soothing one. As a replacement the product fits the normal sockets which were designed for incandescent bulbs. Dimmer compatable with most standard dimmers and holding the dimming capacity ranging from 100% to 10% the product is damp rated as well. The Maxwell Led can be used for both enclosed lumineries and recessed luminaries the same time. This advantages give a wide range of applications to the product, both as an indoor and an outdoor lighting.

Certification Damp Location,Energy Star


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