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Milwaukee Sawzall Blades, 6 Inches – 5 blades

  • Upto 65 HRC tooth hardness with cobalt for the most demanding applications in all metals and high alloy steels.
  • The blade body has a high level of elasticity and significantly reduces the risk of blade breakage.
  • Matrix II Bi-Metal strip with 8% cobalt teeth can endure high wear rates and is very heat resistant ensuring longer life.

Size: 6 Inches – 5 Blades

Wood – Metal – Reciprocating Saw
The Milwaukee Advantage Milwaukee wood cutting Sawzall blades have been engineered to deliver the fastest cuts, longest life, greatest tooth durability and quickest plunge cuts of any wood blade on the market. Features NAIL GUARD â. Ordinary teeth deliver either speed or durability. NAIL GUARD â solves this trade-off with an aggressive 5 TPI pattern for faster cuts and a unique design that protects against tooth fracture. FANG TIP â. Ordinary tips bounce or skate on the work piece. FANG TIP â bites into the wood on first contact. Matrix II bi-metal teeth for greater durability.
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To minimize the risk of injury, always use eye protection. Cutting tools may shatter or break. Follow safety instructions in your power tool instruction manual.


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