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PL 400 Subfloor Adhesive 10oz

Loctite PL400 Subfloor Solvent Adhesive is specifically formulated to allow excellent adhesion to all subfloor, decking and joists in any weather.
Coverage: 300gm/m2.
Low solvent.
Fills gaps.
Heavy duty.
Works with damp and treated timber.

Size: 10 oz

Loctite PL 400 SubFloor & Deck Adhesive provides a powerful, permanent bond and is formulated for all heavy duty interior or exterior construction. Bonds dry, wet, frozen and treated lumber to most building materials. Offers fast set and superior strength and development. Use it in drywall, plaster, metal, masonry, concrete, brick, ceramic tile, slate, treated lumber and most other projects requiring an adhesive. Also for use in most interior and exterior construction projects either on the job or the production line, prefab or modular construction and bonding all wood to wood assemblies dry, wet or frozen. Recommended primarily bonding of subfloor and plywood decking to joists on-site.


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