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Quickie Super Bulldozer Soft-Sweep, 24″ x 0.93″ x 60″

  • Sweep away lightweight soil, sawdust, spackling powder and more—ideal for indoor janitorial and construction-cleanup applications.
  • Rugged, ultra-durable design.
  • Steel handle with poly end cap.
  • Heavy-duty resin block.
  • Extended neck for extra lateral support.
  • Flagged brush profile with soft, split-tip bristles.
  • Convenient, removable clips for easy storage.
  • Size: 24
This has a metal handle with cushion grip. Fine polypropylene fibers. Tight grip bracket prevents loose handle. Sweeps fine debris. Swivel hang up cap. Soft polypropylene fibers with split-tips for thorough clean-up of fine debris and smooth surfaces. Heavy-duty resin block.


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