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Rockwell 4.2A F80 DuoTech Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool Rk5151k

  • Duotech oscillation technology lets you select the optimum oscillation angle for power and precision
  • Variable speed dial for precision control from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations per minute
  • Powerful 4.2 Amp motor delivers constant speed and won’t stall under heavy loads
  • Hyperlock tool-free blade change system provides 1 ton of clamping force prevents slipping during use, no matter the blade angle
  • Universal Fit System accepts all major brands of blades, sanders, and other accessories

The new Rockwell Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter F80 is the first oscillating multi-tool that provides a choice of two oscillating angles: 5 degree and 3.4 degree. Now, users can choose the 5 degree oscillating angle when projects require fast, aggressive cuts for quick results or the 3.4 degree angle for precision and continuous control. The versatile F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter works harder and faster than any other multi-tool, while enabling the user to choose the oscillating angle that best suits the job at hand. The Sonicrafter F80 can be used at a 5 degree oscillating angle with an end-cut blade to make short work of cross-cutting, ripping or making plunge-cuts in wood and other materials. Versatile F80 trims doorjambs, clips nail heads and cuts PVC or metal plumbing pipes. Switch to the 3.4 degree angle, using a rigid scraper blade, to remove blistered paint, take rust from bare metal for priming or scrape and remove hardened caulk or adhesives. Clamp on a carbide grit semicircular blade to grind old grout from between floor or wall tiles. Cutting speed of the Sonicrafter F80 is five times faster than the basic Sonicrafter Rk5121K. The F80 features the industry’s leading maximum cutting load of 35 lbs. of force. This means it can be pushed harder than any other multi-tool brand of without stalling the blade. Duo Tech Oscillating Technology allows the user to select optimum oscillation angle for best performance given material and application. Hyperlock Tool-Free blade holding system offers 1 ton of holding force for quick and reliable blade changes. Universal Fit System holds all major brands of blades. Powerful 4.2 amp motor with constant speed control won’t stall under heavy load. Includes: Sonicrafter F80 Duo Tech Oscillating Tool – Rk5151K, (10) Sonicrafter Accessories, Tool Case.

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