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Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector – 14 oz

  • Strong carpet protection blocks stains for easier cleanup
  • Penetrates into carpet fibers to lift out stains
  • Blocks stains so they don’t set in
  • Makes cleanup easier
  • Apply to new or clean carpets, wet or dry, or after spot treatment
  • Simple application
Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Cleaner, 14-oz can; Make your mate’s messes disappear with Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Cleaner. This fabric cleaner is crafted to keep your home and car clean. It is designed to take on the toughest stains with a deep-penetrating foaming action. This fabric cleaner is engineered to help prevent future stains while restoring the look and feel of upholstery and carpets. It is paw-fect for use on pet rugs and furniture as well as slip covers, pillows, bedding and more without changing the feeling or breathability for the benefit of your furry buddy.


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