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Sylvania 60w ST19 LED Bulb – Soft White

  • Controls blue wavelengths for lower glare and reduced eye strain to improve readability and supports an improved sleep-wake cycle
  • Perfect fit where clean light color rendering is needed for seeing realistic, vivid colors without sacrificing light output
  • Properly saturates red to make building spaces and flesh tones accurate and vibrant, without oversaturating (which compromises energy efficiency)
  • Exceptional color quality without the loss of efficacy typical of most 90+ CRI solutions
  • Up to 114 LPW
  • 2700K color temperatures
  • CRI 90+ for exceptional color quality
  • 60 Watt

Mimicking the natural light spectrum, this industry first, award-winning Sylvania LED portfolio of lamps and luminaires offers the best alternative to natural light and brings the benefits of natural light to inside spaces – all while saving energy.


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