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Unger 14 in. Microfiber Combi-Squeegee Scrubber 961870


The Microfiber Combi is a 2-in-1 tool that combines both a squeegee and scrubber. The microfiber scrubber wets and cleans the window while the squeegee removes excess water to dry your windows quickly. With the Microfiber Combi, theres no need to switch attachments to get the job done. Our Microfiber Combi uses professional-grade microfiber and the highest quality rubber. It cleans windows effectively, but gently, for streak-free results. Eliminates the need to change attachments for faster, more efficient cleaning. Holds up to 6 time more water than an ordinary cloth and wont scratch glass surfaces. It is machine washable and has reinforced stitching for increased durability. As part of Unger’s Connect & Clean System, the Microfiber Combi attaches to any Unger telescopic pole (sold separately) to extend your reach up to 6.1m The Connect & Clean telescopic poles include a locking cone for an extra secure fit


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