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Unger 36 in. Nifty Nabber

  • 36-inch Nifty Nabber extends your reach low and high without the need to bend down or climb a stool or ladder
  • Lightweight aluminum reacher features rubber-tipped grippers to prevent damage
  • Long reach grabber tool features a built-in magnet to pick up metal objects
  • Ergonomic grip makes it easy to use, and a helpful tool for the elderly
  • Heavy duty claw design is perfect for yard waste and litter clean up
       Size: 36″
Built in magnet on one gripping finger. 3 to 1 rack and pinion gears for increased clamping pressure. 14 solid rubber gripping fingers for agile gripping action. molded rubber around clamp jaws – not just the tip. Angled jaws for upward or underneath grabbing action. Ergonomic handle design is easy to use high or low. Eye catching metallic anodized finish.

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