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Zero G Garden Hose, 50 ft.

  • Jobsite tough- abrasion, leak and puncture-resistant
  • Consistent, high flow equal to a conventional 5/8 inch hose
  • Kink-free, easy-to maneuver and store
  • Lead-free complies with consumer product safety improvement act
  • Patented design for easy handling and storage

The future of advanced hose design. Research with hose purchasers overwhelmingly indicates a preference for hoses which offer lightweight, easy handling, kink resistance and lasting performance. The zero-G advanced hose design takes these must-haves to a higher level than ever before. The Hybrid hose that elevates the advantages of two hose technologies. 50% Lighter in Weight – assures effortless handling Kink-free uninterrupted flow Easy to store – small and compact Tough G-Force woven fiber jacket resists leaks, abrasion and punctures 600+ psi burst rated Consistent, high flow equal to a conventional 5/8” hose Flexible and easy to maneuver even in cold weather down to 35°F Lead Free – Drinking Water Safe. Tru-Flex Inner Core Pliable inner core prevents kinking Remains flexible in cold weather to 35 Degrees Easy to maneuver Coils easily for storage. G-Force High Density Jacket Durable, long lasting wear equal to commercial grade hoses 600+ PSI burst rated Consistent high flow equal to a conventional 5/8” Glides smoothly over surfaces; will not snag or tear Puncture resistant. New Coupling Design Commercial-grade, ergonomic, aluminum couplings Crush-proof up to 900 lbs Lead Free Knurled’ Male and Female for easy grip. Best Used For Avid home gardener with high frequency use Greenhouse applications Professional Tradesmen.


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