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Rubber Cement: Learn Some Great Uses And Advantages

Rubber cement has surely been a part of our childhood. Our parents and teachers used it to stick paper and other materials. Although we have seen it many times, we never noticed what it was called and what uses it could offer us. As it is still prominent for its amazing benefits in the current time, let’s learn about what it actually means and how you can use it in your day-to-day life.

Rubber cement is a famous and cheap adhesive that is obtained from rubber. We often see it in a liquefied form with chemical solvents. The glue becomes dry with the evaporation of the solvents and gains a form that looks like a thin solid layer. When it was created, its primary concern was to stick multiple types of paper together. 

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The Application Process Is Easy

The best thing about the rubber cement is that you can easily stick two surfaces without fail. Simply applying it to one surface, you can stick the other surface to it while the glue is still wet. The process of sticking two surfaces together is also known as wet mounting. You are free to adjust the position of both surfaces when the glue is in a wet state. After adjusting to the desired position, ensure that you hold both surfaces together to offer a quick joint that can be later removed by applying little force if needed. 

Besides this, you can also use the dry mounting method. In this method, you must apply the rubber cement on both surfaces and let them dry after joining. This method offers a much stronger bond than the wet mounting method. However, this method doesn’t allow you to adjust the surfaces once they get in contact.    

Can Be Easily Cleaned 

Easy to clean is another benefit the rubber cement offers us. There are numerous cases when a user uses an excess amount of it. The extra glue leads to the spreading of the adhesive outside the joint space. In such cases, you can just leave the adhesive to let it dry. 

The reason is that the dry rubber cement doesn’t stick to any surface. You can simply rub your fingers to make the adhesive grip lose. A little ball of dry cement will form on your fingertips, and you can just throw it away. You can even find several manufacturers offering specialized equipment for this balling procedure. This equipment is for those who don’t want to use their fingers to remove the cement.

Works Amazingly For Repairing

Rubber cement is used for repairing many things. One of the things where rubber cement is popularly used is punctured bike tubes. Although we know rubber cement is good for sticking things together, we lack knowledge when it comes to repairing stuff. To know why we need the rubber cement for such type of repair, read the points mentioned below:

  • Rubber cement is known as an adhesive that is dry and flexible. Once the solvent dissolves and surfaces get connected, bonded surfaces get tightly attached by the thin layer of rubber glue. These properties make the cement rubber the right choice for inflatables or materials that stretch a lot.
  • Rubber also has the inherited properties of absorbing vibrations and sound. The cement rubber, produced for industrial purposes, can even be used to repair machine belts. 

These points prove that cement rubber can be used for fixes and repairs.

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Can You Repair A Shoe With Rubber Cement?

You can use the rubber cement to repair small holes and tears in your shoes. The shoes made out of leather, fabric, or rubber gain the maximum benefits from the rubber cement. It is moisture-resistant and flexible even in a dry state; hence it can be used for repairing your shoe soles. However, this cheap product cannot give a permanent fix to the full worn-out sneakers, highly scratched leather boots, or broken shoes and heels. 

Steps For Fixing A Hole Or Crack With Rubber Cement 

Rubber cement is compatible with the DIY shoe repair kit. If you use the adhesive as paint on the shoes, you can notice it not only repairs them it also offers moisture resistance. 

Steps to follow to using rubber cement for shoe repairing:

  • Wear gloves to prevent direct contact of rubber cement with the skin.
  • Get a piece of napkin, paper towel, or fabric of a size that is twice the size of the hole.
  • Put the piece inside the shoe and adjust it with a tear or hole.
  • Apply a thick layer of rubber cement outside of the tear. Ensure that the rubber cement is soaked into the piece, leading to the bonding of the shoe and repair material. 
  • Place the shoe in an open area until the cement completely dries. The time for this process can vary based on the shoe material.
  • Go for a second coat to increase the bonding power between the shoe and repair material. 
  • Leave the shoe for a night so the cement can dry completely. 

How To Fix Shoe Soles With Rubber Cement?

The rubber cement can also glue the soles of a shoe. As mentioned before, having flexible properties, you can move it into your shoes once the adhesive gets dry without worrying about glue cracking or shoe breaking. Since rubber cement has moisture-resistance properties, it is highly recommended for shoes that are used for hiking and running.  

Steps to follow for repairing shoe soles:

  • Clean the shoe without letting any dirt inside.
  • Use gloves to avoid accidents.
  • Apply a thick coat of cement to the surface of the sole.
  • Place another thick coat of cement in the bottom section of the shoe.
  • Apply pressure to the sole of the shoe.
  • Keep pressuring for two minutes for better results.
  • Place the shoe on a flat surface while putting a heavy object on it during drying. 
  • Let it dry overnight.
  • Repeat the process and place the shoe upside down if you notice any holes or spaces left the next morning. 

Final Words

Rubber cement has some amazing properties that an individual can use daily. The rubber cement is a perfect solution, from helping your children with school projects to fixing your shoes and punctured tires. If you want access to the best repair products for your households, then surely visit our webshop, Safety Hardware Store. 

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