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Best Storage And Organization Store In NYC: Safety Hardware Store

We often overlook storage which is an important element for having a happy and organized space. Whether commercial or residential, storage is used in both types of spaces.

As per a report, an average American spends about a year of their life finding lost or misplaced items. He or she can be anybody, from a homeowner to an office employee. Organized spaces save your time and effort, no matter whether you are at home or office. You do not have to feel stressed about the missing items.

A well-organized space is much more than a luxury. It is among the most exclusive features in a newly designed or remodeled home or office. With special accessories and storage, one can augment their safety and give a touch of personalization.

So, are you one of those Americans looking forward to adding value and protection to your property? Then go no further than Safety Hardware Store, a reputable storage and organization store in NYC. Read ahead and check out our cutting-edge storage supplies.

Best Storage And Organization Products To Shop

You may come across various storage supplies in the market, but we offer impeccable quality. As a trustworthy safety equipment store, we are here to meet all your storage and organization needs. Here is a list of what we offer:

Fire Chest 1200


Our Fire Chest 1200 comes with a new contoured body design. This ETL-verified product has half-an-hour fire protection for CS DVDs memory sticks and USB drives up to 1550F/843C. So, you can have your essential documents protected for up to 30 minutes.

With this incredible tool, you can add extra safety to all your precious media in any unfortunate situation like fire or theft. You can keep items such as your phones, external hard drives, memory cards, etc., away from harm’s way.

Liberty 3 Heavy Duty Coat And Hat Hook

Liberty 3 Heavy Duty Coat and Hat Hook, Antique Brass

The next tool that our safety equipment store offers is the Liberty 3 Heavy Duty Coat and Hat Hook. It has an antique brass finish and a weight-holding capacity of up to 15.88 kg when mounted to solid wood or studs. The materials used for making it include zinc and die-cast materials.

This is an impressive product that assures style with organization. You can hang a vast range of items on this metal hook, from hats to umbrellas and handbags to long coats. Due to its classic design, it can suit any room.

Master Lock Locking Combination 5 Key Steel Box


Our Master Lock Locking Combination 5 Key Steel Box is a safe-desktop, door-mounted product. It has the capacity to store up to 5 keys and is designed with metal. This 4-button combination lock is both dirt-resistant and weather-resistant.

You can also ensure hassle-free operation as it opens flawlessly and remains affixed to the lock body.

KeyRack Steel Gravity Bin


Now you can seamlessly clip your keys onto and off belt loops with our KeyRack steel gravity bin. It is designed with top-grade quality stainless steel. You can use it to conveniently share keys with family members, mechanics, valets, and babysitters.  

Make your life easier with this durable, stainless steel key rack that has a sturdy loop to hold 6 keys.

Linus 66730 Sugar Packet Holder

Linus 66730 Sugar Packet Holder Plastic Clear

No more keeping your sugar packets on the top of your refrigerator. Add some organization with our Linus 66730 Sugar Packet Holder. With our sugar packet holder, you can easily store and dispense your sugar packets for yourself and your guests.

This product allows easy storage with 3 compartments for separating packets. It is made of hard-wearing plastic and has a 2.2 X 2 X 9 inches dimension.

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Kidde, 001795 Key Cabinet


Quality storage and easy access to keys are in high demand, and our Kidde, 001795 Key Cabinet is the perfect choice for that. This cabinet has a storage capacity of up to 30 keys. It has a pushbutton lock feature that offers easy access and extra protection.

You also have the option to change the entry code as many times as you want. The cabinet offers more than 1000 combinations, so you do not need to panic about re-keying your lock.

Maytex Smart Caddy Shower Caddy


Our Maytex Smart Caddy Shower Caddy can be a great addition to an organized bathroom. This product promotes stress-free accessibility to your soaps, razors, shower gels, and other bathroom items. It is easy to fit on the wall, and there is no need for any drilling or hammering. Hence, your bathroom steers clear of damage.

Mintcraft Vinyl Coated Hook


The main usage of our Mintcraft vinyl-coated hook is to hang plants. This white-colored vinyl-coated hook weighs about 0.11 lbs. It is available in size: 1.42 in Depth x 2.5 in Height.

Get this ceiling hook to have the natural light reach your plants and enjoy a full-fledged organization of your space. You can easily screw this hook into your shed walls, fences, or porches.

CLC 1104 4-Pocket Multi-Purpose Tool Holder


Our CLC 1104 4-Pocket Multi-Purpose Tool Holder is known for its versatility, as it can attach to anything. It is designed with polyester fabric and has an overall dimension of 4-1/4 inches X 7-1/4 inches.

You can attach it to your pants, work aprons, web suspenders, and more. With this versatile tool holder, you can have all your small hand tools and accessories within reach.

This product has a secure hold for various tools such as small screwdrivers, mini flashlights, or pliers. Also, it comes with a hook for holding your key ring.


Are you looking for the best safety equipment store near NewYork City? Then Safety Hardware Store is the one-stop destination. Most homeowners and businesses rely on us without a hitch. We are here to support you and offer the finest protection for your space with our residential and industrial safety supplies near me.

Our store is also a top choice for other services such as home repair, plumbing, electrical, and locksmith. So, what to wait for? Call us now and get nothing less than excellent customer service.

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