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Woodcrafting is the art of creating beautiful furniture and artistic articles using your own thoughts and innovative ideas. Irrespective of the reason, carpentry and woodworking have been a part of our lives for very long. It is something that a person does either as a hobby or as a profession. And like every other profession, wood-crafting also requires a range of tools and supplies to do the job rightly. Tools are crucial to both begin with and finish the wood-crafting work. 

So if you are a woodworker, carpenter, or hobbyist looking for woodworking tools, you have landed on the right page. Safety Hardware Store offers you premium quality woodcarving tools in affordable ranges. We do have both hand-handled and power tools in our collection of wood-crafting supplies. Explore our collection of woodworking supplies and add crucial tools to your toolbox for your next project.


List Of Major Woodcraft Supplies

There are endless tools and supplies used in every wood-crafting project. And here, we have listed ten primary wood-crafting supplies that every woodworker need. 

Pine Board

If you are starting with wood crafting work, you will definitely need wood. Pine Board is a solid wood type ideal for wood-crafting projects. The pine boards are usable for interior finishing and painted or sainted applications. Also, these wood boards are also used for several other purposes, such as shelving, carpentry, and furniture. The Pine Boards are easy to glue and have proven excellent because of their nailing and screw-holding properties. 



The hammer is one of the most basic and essential tools in every woodworking project. It features a handle of fiberglass designed for maximizing strength and durability. The hammer comes with a flat striking surface on one end and a circular surface on the other. It drives wedges, spikes, and chisels with ease. 



Jigsaw, also called a saber saw, is an essential woodworking equipment with reciprocating and saber-like blades. This hand-handled power tool is designed to form complex cuts that can be curved straight or serpentine. It cut the wood in up and down and back and forth motion. One of the best use of jigsaw is to make interior cuts. 


Wood Glue

Whether you are crafting with soft or hardwood, drywall and plywood, you need glue first. Wood glue is essential to temporarily or permanently join two pieces of wood. It is excellent for both hard and soft wood and porous materials. It is generally used in indoor or household projects like furniture repair. This product comes in large quantities and at affordable rates. Just apply the glue on the wood for about 20–30 minutes and proceed with your wood-crafting project.


Nail set

Nail is another hand tool every woodworker uses while crafting a wood project. It looks like an awl and comes in several sizes. You use the nail or set of nails to drive its head into or right below the wooden surface. It lets you fill the holes and prepare for painting and staining. The nail set usually comprises either a concave or convex surface to hold the nail better. Also, it keeps the nail from marring and sliding off the wood.



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Wood Finish 

Wood Finish is a penetrating wood stain oil. This wood finishing product offers attractive color and clean finishing to woodcrafts, enhancing its natural wood grain. The product is easy to apply and easily gets absorbed deep into the pores of stripped and interior bare wood. It is ideal for working with unfinished wooden surfaces. These unfinished surfaces include cabinets, wood furniture, trim, wood door, molding, and hardwood floors. You can use the wood finish on wood articles using cloth, brush, or foam applicator. Also, you can use paint thinner or mineral spirits for cleanup.  

Minwax Penetrating Stain Wood Finish - Jacobean


A drill is one of the essential hand-held tools required in almost every wood crafting project. The drill uses to cut out space or make holes in metals, wood, and walls. Plenty of drill options are available in the drill market, but a cordless drill always goes a long way more than the standard one. Brands of drills like Makita and Dewalt are very trustable, and one can save time and energy by direct shopping from these brands.


Wood Chisel Set

If you are beginning with wood crafting, the chisel is one of the must-have tools. It is not just for carving wood but also to saw cuts and clean out joints. Made of chromium-vanadium alloyed steel or premium-alloy carbon steel, the chisel is the most strong and durable woodworking tool. The set of chisels is razor-shaped and comes precisely honed. They come in multiple uses, including installing door bolts and repairing and fitting doors and window frames. Also, the set of chisels is suitable for all kinds of woods, including hardwood, softwood, and manufactured wood. 

Buck Bros. Professional Wood Chisel Set (3-Piece)

Utility Knife

A utility knife is a kind of asset to every woodworker. This knife is widely used in almost all wood-crafting projects. Though the utility knife comes in a range of types, the one with disposable blades is still the most common. Its blade retracts into the grip for security. The woodworkers widely used this utility knife for cleaning out scribing woods and mortise joints and many other purposes. 


Layout Square

A Layout square, also known as a combination square, is one of the primary tools used by every woodworker. It is a triangle that one uses to label cuts on stock. It is easy to carry and comes in two sizes – 6” and 12”. Also, one can even determine an existing angle using a layout square. Moreover, make sure to buy metallic layout squares, as plastic ones are fragile and pretty useless. 


Add these woodworking supplies to your toolbox from the Safety Hardware store, and start with your wood crafting project now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woodcrafting is a procedure of carving or styling items out of wood. There is an array of traditional as well as modern wood crafting methods to use. The wood crafting project requires both hand tools and power tools to achieve clean finishing.
Wood glue is one of the reliable adhesives for carpenters, woodworkers, and hobbyists. Wood glue comes with various benefits, like its water adhesive and easy to use. It forms an invisible bond after drying a natural color which can be later painted and sanded. This water-resistant product uses softwood, hardwood, and wood composites for both indoor and outdoor projects.

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